• Trading Mastery Takes Time:

    Achieving true proficiency in trading isn't a quick process. Mastering the nuances of the market requires consistent practice, observation, and experience over extended period

  • Specialized Tools

    Master the Power of Three (PO3) and Standard Deviations,
    essential tools for identifying and seizing market opportunities

  • 1 on 1 Sessions

    Personalized Mentoring: Work directly with Trader Dexter, an expert in the ICT (Inner Circle Trader) system. Each session is tailored specifically to your needs and goals, ensuring you receive the most effective guidance for your development as a trader.

  • Repetition and Learning Cycles

    Financial markets are dynamic, and certain patterns and behaviors only become evident when observed over months or even years. Lifetime access ensures you have the time to witness and learn from these cycles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Sets Us Apart?

1. Time and Price Formulas: Utilize our unique approach based on the
fundamental elements of time and price, represented on the X and Y axes of
the chart. These are the cornerstone of our strategies.

2. Simplified ICT Methodology: Benefit from a simplified version of Michael
Huddleston's ICT system, making advanced trading techniques accessible and
practical for daily use.

3. Live Sessions & Exclusive Resources: Participate in weekly live streams,
access a vast library of educational materials, and enjoy personalized 1-on-1
coaching sessions available exclusively to members

What is operated in the livestreams?

Market Analysis Using Key Elements: We focus on the two critical elements of trading—time and price. By analyzing these, we identify specific time windows and frameworks that guide our trading decisions.

Sharing Trades and Learning from Mistakes: Members share their trades and discuss any mistakes made. We identify the correct actions in cases of poor execution to ensure we learn from errors and improve our strategies.

Collective Feedback and Reaction Points: Our sessions foster collective feedback, where multiple members often converge on similar trading ideas, having identified MonsterLab's system in action. This collaborative environment enhances

If I have already purchased my membership, what's next?

You should receive an email within the next 12 hours with all the instructions to access Discord. You will then be given access to the Whop platform where all videos and livestreams are uploaded.

What's your refund policy?

Monster Lab does not accept refunds.

Who is the founder of Monster Lab?

Trader Dexter. 6 Years Profitable ICT trader, creator of Standard Deviation Theorys and PO3 specialist.

What is the purpose of Monster Lab?

We give Traders a logical and solid perspective in reading the market to develop an edge that allows you to monetize market movements.

Empowering Traders: MonsterLab aims to equip traders with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve consistent profitability.

Lifetime Learning: Recognizing that trading mastery takes time, we offer lifetime access to ensure continuous learning and improvement.

Community and Collaboration: We foster a supportive community where traders share insights, analyze markets in real-time, and learn from each other’s experiences.

Focus on Key Elements: By emphasizing the critical elements of time and price, we help traders develop effective strategies and make informed decisions.

Join MonsterLab to elevate your trading journey and become part of a dynamic, learning-focused community.

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